We call our land 'The Ojo' and a sanctuary for people and wildlife. It is comprised of two main sections. There are 50 acres of classic cottonwood Bosque, now eight years into gentle restoration, with nearly 1/2 mile of the Rio Ojo Caliente flowing through it. Add 66 acres of Black Mesa, known locally as Shadow Mtn. The two very distinct areas, Shadow Mtn. rising 1000 feet above the Rio Ojo Caliente and covered with juniper and pinon pine; and the Bosque section, encompass a broad range of plant and animal diversity. Shadow Mountain is accessible via our private and spectacular Shadow Mountain Trail and foot paths connect all areas of the Bosque and two beautiful pedestrian bridges span the river.

The Ojo is a sanctuary for joyful connection with the natural world, deep listening and clear discernment and action that foster the wellbeing of all Life. A place to reconnect with and strengthen Purpose. A place for creating the conditions for collective wisdom to arise among a group of people. A place for council, dialogue, and ceremony. A place to walk in beauty with your Self and others.

Glenna and Dave encourage groups whose purpose is aligned with the values of The Ojo to come experience how the intention and activities of your group are held and amplified by the diverse beauty of this land.

How can The Ojo help your Organization?

We are not a retreat center. Although we do conduct our own programs here throughout the year, what we do for your group is create the conditions that allow your organization the chance to bring your unique talent and energy here for exploration and growth through learning in a natural environment. The considered infrastructure that we have created, was done so specifically to better enable your group to be on the land.

You come here with your own agenda. We offer ways to support it. Whether you simply desire a nurturing place to assemble or somewhere that supports your 'hands on' learning experience, we are here to help provide it.

Please read the following:

We strongly encourage all groups to include in their program design a 1 or 2 hour segment that is devoted to a project that 'is in service to the land'. The project gives something back to this special place that gives us so much, and would be configured in a way that is suitable to all physical abilities. We have found that the experiences the group gains from this activity collectively and as individuals can be extremely rewarding. We are not requiring this of groups at this time, but suggesting that you consider it. Dave will coordinate with you on project ideas and assist with tools etc. as needed.

All group leaders, i.e. 'point', and ALL campers are asked to read more about how to make your camping stay here on The Ojo more successful and easier. Click   CAMPING TIPS on THE OJO


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