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Groups that stay on The Ojo gain access to all of our trails and structures including the pavilion and the Ojo Cabin. Two pedestrian bridges and our car bridge get people to the west bank of the Rio Ojo Caliente, a small but truly wild river. Our 116 acres are managed as wildlife friendly and we discourage pets and we do not allow nor do we keep other domestic animals.

Our camping infrastructure is designed to support up to 20 people. The lighted main trails make nighttime travel from the campground to the pavilion easy and safe. Driving access to the pavilion makes transporting of food and other items a snap. We can help your group by providing tents and basic camping equipment if needed, and even help with your food needs while you are here on the land.

Who visits The Ojo?

All groups of people whose values align with the solitude and natural setting of The Ojo are encouraged to come here. Your group might choose to gather in the Hogan with its vaulted and beautiful ceiling and wonderfully inviting adobe floor, or in our 'Ceremonial Wheel' where you can be underneath the cottonwood canopy overlooking the river. These special places are just two of a number of amazing settings where you can meet with intent.
Perhaps your group would like to convene a sweat lodge, an often transformative experience. The Ojo partners with Gopal, who conducts the Lodge in the Lakota tradition.

About thirty species of birds are full time residents here with more than twice that number found throughout the year. Elk are frequent night time visitors year round and the river supports a host of animals including beavers, many reptiles and amphibians, and small fish.

The Ojo is kid friendly but we do expect all kids under the age of 13 to be supervised by an adult. Neighboring spectacular BLM wild lands, with a beautiful Loop Trail, are adjacent to the property and our own Shadow Mountain Trail climbs a thousand vertical feet to the top of Black Mesa whose top forms the eastern boundary of The Ojo. This mesa top affords 360 degree sweeping views of northern New Mexico.

There are many other fabulous sites within a short drive of our gate and this makes us a logical choice for a group wishing a 'deep vacation' that combines the 'glamping' aspects of staying here with easy access to nearby attractions such as the Ojo Spa, Taos Gorge, Plaza Blanca or the Ghost Ranch area.

Yoga retreat, birding gathering, focused exploration of our riverine habitat, you name it, this might be the place for you. Small companies seeking a rewarding venue for increased dialog in a stimulating yet relaxing environment might find The Ojo ideal.

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