The Ojo Annual Gathering 2017

It was a long time in coming, but finally we are ready! Our FIRST ANNUAL Gathering on The Ojo! Join us on one or all of the days between Aug 15th and 20th, 2017!

Many people have come to know and love The Ojo. Some were first here when the land was raw, overgrown and wild. Well, it sure changed over the years! People who come today still fall in love with many of the qualities that were here in the very beginning, and those 'old-timers' who keep coming back are always amazed at how this place has continued to evolve.

The Annual Gathering is our way of offering our appreciation for all of you who love this place and for supporting us in caring for The Ojo and for helping us all to give something back to this special Place. Thank you for loving being here, walking the trails, camping, wading in the river, sitting in circle around the fire or in the Sacred Tipi.

Each Annual Gathering will be a total of five(5) days set aside for lovers of The Ojo to gather, enjoy this place and one another, and participate in an array of activities that we will put together with the help of any of you who feel called to do so. We will welcome your input and ideas with the structuring of our time together.

With the exception of activities involving caring for the land and our collective camp and meals, all the other offerings will be optional - you bring your presence to those that call you, based on your own listening and choice. Examples of optional activities may include a Wisdom Council around a question of importance for The Ojo in that year; evenings of story telling and just plain good conversation around the fire; selected teachings from the medicine wheels that Glenna is sanctioned to offer; group made music; walks in the BLM lands behind us and up Shadow Mountain across 285; artistic creation with the land; and others with those of you who are attending and would like to help design the offerings. All are invited to offer and share. See the Details Page (click on link below) for everything you need to know!

We look forward to sharing these powerful gatherings with many of you each year.

Dave & Glenna

To find out all you need to know click here → FIND OUT ALL THE GATHERING DETAILS

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